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OVERSIZED US Flag Helmet Decal

ONE OVERSIZED American Flag Football Helmet Decal. This item is brand new and only available at Green Gridiron!
Decal dimensions: 4.13 cm x 6.35 cm (1.625 in x 2.5 in)
Decal thickness: 20 mil
Each decal is the same exact look and thickness used on football helmets by NFL, NCAA, High Schools and teams throughout the US and the world but now in a LARGER SIZE. These oversized US Flag decals look amazing on helmets that don't already have rear decals or a stripe.
A chrome flag decal is a great upgrade from your regular flag decal and a great addition to your helmet. It's peel and stick and made to last!
Don't limit yourself to just showing your pride when you're on the field, these also look great on laptops, bumpers, car windows or anywhere you want to show off the stars and bars!!