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Facemask Clips for Riddell Speed HS4 Facemasks $9.99

Facemask Clips for Riddell Speed HS4 Facemasks
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Facemask Clips for Riddell Speed HS4 Facemasks

These replacement Riddell HS4 Facemask Clips are designed specifically for the thinner facemask bars of the Riddell Speed HS4 facemasks. The HS4 (High Strength Spring Stainless Steel) Riddell facemasks are Riddell's newest, thinnest, and lightest high performance facemask material designed to improve sightlines and field vision of the player.  

If you're looking to attach a new HS4 facemask or just replace your old clips to any Riddell Speed youth or adult helmet (including Riddell Victor), these clips ideal. Note: all 4 clips attach to the helmet with the existing screw and t-nuts you already have. These clips will NOT work with any of the Riddell Quick Release pins.  

These clips are also a perfect upgrade option if you are looking to take your new Riddell Speed Authentic or Replica collectible to the next level by installing an HS4 facemask!

  • INCLUDES: 4 Screw/T-Nut style Speed Facemask Clips
  • BRAND: Riddell
  • HELMET COMPATIBILITY: Riddell Speed and Riddell Victor Helmets ONLY
  • FACEMASK COMPATIBILITY: Riddell Speed HS4 Facemasks ONLY

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