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Riddell Repair Kit Elite

SportStar Adapter Color
With Black Adapters
With White Adapters

Product Description

The Riddell SpeedFlex Repair Kit Elite contains the components of the Riddell SpeedFlex Repair Kit along with the Riddell Quick Release Installation Tool and a pair of black SportStar SpeedFlex Adapters.

The Riddell SpeedFlex Repair Kit contains the components of the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet that are most commonly lost.

The Quick Release tool will assist in the removal and replacement of Riddell's Quick Release facemask attachment system which is commonly used on the SpeedFlex, 360 and Revo Speed helmets.
If you've ever changed a facemask you know it can be a pain. The Quick Release hardware has that name for a reason but it's only faster if you have this tool to assist you! Don't struggle with your facemask anymore and use what the professionals use. Equipment managers at the top levels wouldn't be caught dead without one of these in their pocket or around their neck at all times. The SportStar Ratchet Chinstrap Adapter for SpeedFlex Helmets makes it possible to convert any standard chinstrap to fit a SpeedFlex helmet.
  • HARDWARE: 2 Rachet Loc Thumb Screws, 5 Threaded Valve Retainer Cap, Riddell Quick Release Installation Tool, 2 Black SportStar SpeedFlex Adapters
  • MATERIALS: High Impact Resistance Plastic
  • INSTALLATION: Simple Screw or Pop-In Installation
  • VOLUME PRICING: Contact us for details - team pricing available!
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