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Bladder Valve Screws (5) for Riddell SpeedFlex and Speed Icon

Product Description

The Riddell Bladder Valve Screws can fall out of your helmet if not securely fastened and are frequently lost. All that hitting and jarring can loosen these vital pieces. These are OEM replacements for all Riddell helmets that come with bladder valve screws including the SpeedFlex and Speed Icon.

If just one of these pieces falls off the helmet during play, the helmet could basically be rendered unusable until it's replaced. Good luck trying to find it in the grass or turf under the lights on Friday night. We recommend keeping these in your bag as a backup just in case one of those emergency situations arise. 

  • HARDWARE: 5 Bladder Valve Screws
  • MATERIALS: High Impact Resistance Plastic
  • INSTALLATION: Simple Screw-on Installation (Use FLAT HEAD Screwdriver)
  • VOLUME PRICING: Contact us for details - team pricing available!
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