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Under Armour Visor Clip Inserts for UA Visor Clips

Product Description

Under Armour Visor Clip Inserts for all Under Armour visor clips.

Designed and made specifically for the Under Armour visor clips, this insert is made of a flexible and impact absorbing polyurethane material. The Visor Clip Insert fits perfectly into any UA branded or unbranded visor clip. 

This insert is NOT required and is not included with the purchase of any visor or visor clip. It is designed to eliminate loose clips in certain facemasks. Loose fitting clips can lead to rattle when running at speed or when hitting/being hit. If you're noticing a rattle in your visor, these clips will solve that problem!

While these inserts can be used on any style of facemask, they are only needed on facemasks that have thin gauge bars. Thin gauge bars include:

- Riddell SpeedFlex Helmets - ALL SpeedFlex facemasks

- Riddell Speed Helmets - HS4 Facemask styles only

- Schutt Helmets - Titanium Facemasks only

Feel safe pairing the Under Armour Visor Clip Inserts with any Under Armour clips. Inserts will not work with any other clip from any manufacturer. 

Sold as a pair

Clips not included