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The New Under Armour 2.0 Visor for Football Helmets
Under Armour® Football Visors are made of a durable, lightweight polycarbonate. Included with the visor is the UA "tool-less" clip system for easy removal and attachment of the visor to your football helmet. The UA 2.0 Visor should fit most helmet styles in combination with a variety of facemasks. If you are in search of a visor for a youth helmet, youth visors are specifically designed to fit smaller youth helmets. There is no guarantee of a perfect fit to every helmet style.
Only 100% clear visors meet NCAA® and NFHS® standards for game use. Any visor that is not completely clear is not guaranteed to meet uniform guidelines. Check with your coach before purchasing any tinted, colored, or mirrored visor. Check with your coach to see if other visors are allowed during practices, scrimmages, or tournaments before you complete a purchase. 


  • Highly-durable and lightweight material
  • Exclusive ArmourSight® polycarbonate lens is made from patented NXT® lens technology
  • All UA visors come with their patented "tool-less" clip system for easy removal and attachment
  • Universal fit accommodates most football helmet and facemask styles including the Riddell Speed, Riddell SpeedFlex Schutt F7, and more.
  • UA Visors contain fog and scratch resistant coatings, but do not claim to be 100% fog proof or scratch proof.
  • All UA visors block 100% UVA, UVB and UVC rays
  • Check with your coach before making a purchase of a tinted, colored, or mirrored visor. Only 100% clear visors are allowed for game use. 
  • Visors are not returnable once used or mounted to a helmet
Green Gridiron Exclusive:  FREE Chrome American Flag Decal with every purchase!

Every Visor sold by Green Gridiron receives a FREE chrome American Flag Decal!

RETURN POLICY – A $10 restocking fee will be charged for any returned visors that can be resold. If the item is damaged and unsellable, we will not be able to issue a refund. Check with your coach and league before purchasing a tinted visor!

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